Wednesday, March 12, 2008

an open letter to mrs spitzer

i don't like politics. i grew up around the edges of it and my sense is that it's a game tinged with cigar smoke and whispered deals done in little back rooms, regarding subjects not discussed in front of children. it smacks of that part of playing well with others that i don't understand, and so generally, i avoid politics and those who play them.

i also don't think prostitution is a crime. i think prostitution should be legalized, i think prostitutes should enjoy the same protections and rights as any other kind of worker. i also think men who seek out prostitutes are obviously - with few exceptions, perhaps - losers who can't get laid. in mister spitzer's case, he has a beautiful wife. maybe she's mean, maybe she's cold, maybe she's bitchy. maybe she doesn't like to play the kinds of games he likes to play, so he has to pay to play them. but whatever she is or isn't, she certainly didn't deserve the public humiliation visited on her by that hypocritical creep of a husband.

i watched her over and over, standing so silently by his side, and i thought about what i would say to her - if i could....if i were her mother, her sister, her friend. i put myself in her shoes, and this is what i'd say:

dear mrs spitzer -

just leave. he doesn't deserve you. it's not that he slept with anyone else - it's that he broke all his own rules. please don't stand for it. tell the world and your daughters that you aren't putting up with a man who is anything less than what he pretends to be in public. don't take him back, don't listen to his whining. he's a creep, and you deserve better. so do your daughters, so do mine. so do all of us.

sincerely, a concerned Syster.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...


Judy Vars said...

The conversations that I've heard rediculous, like he has high cheekbones so he is a oversexed man or Dr. Laura Sleshinger saying it's his wifes fault when men cheat. I just say why is everyone acting so suprised 99.9% of politicans are sleeze balls.
Mrs Spritzer, divorce the bastard and get a boy toy.

ravensedge said...

Amen, syster! You have voiced via writing what I have been thinking.

P.A. GIbbons said...

I agree Annie..well said. I am not bothered with what goes on behind closed doors, we do not know his personal life...but what bugs me most is that he is a hypocrite...going after prostitution and then paying tribute to it himself. And if he used ANY of our money!!!???

I feel sorry for his wife and daughters...and yes, they should move on.

Terri said...

It's tragic that it is his daughters who are innocent victims in his mess.