Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the list - or more about me than you ever wanted to know

What is your favorite word? Yes
Least favorite word? No
Favorite sound? a final manuscript printing off
Least favorite sound? nails on chalkboard or a whining toddler

Favorite author? william shakespeare; jane austen, emily bronte, anya seton, margaret atwood, christopher bojahlian and sue monk kidd are a few of my favorite novelists.

Favorite book or poem? book - a prayer for own meany; poem - the cremation of sam mcgee, the highwayman and wynken, blynken and nod

What is your most proud accomplishment? my four children

Least proud moment? marrying their father
What are your top five wishes for your children? that they live happily ever after...what else?
What is your favorite food? coffee

Least fave food? cheese
Is there ONE particular event in your life that you will NEVER forget? selling my first novel
What are your favorite debate topics? i don't like to debate. it upsets one's equilibrium and brings on indigestion
What do you wish your MOTHER did different? i wish she hadn't given me to my grandmother
What are two promises you will keep to your child(ren)? i will always do the best i can with what i have to work with at any given time, and i will always be their mother.
One reason you are married? he asked.

Have you lost touch with a close friend? many Why? their paths diverged from mine
What are two of your favorite animals? pigs to eat and dogs to cuddle
Least fave animals? cats - we're all allergic

Do you have any pets? yes - six kids, two dogs and one husband

How many children? see above

Divorced? thank goddess

Age when married? 21 the first time. 46 the second time. Or how long? far too long the first time and hardly long enough this time.

Two foods you DO NOT like. other than cheese, tomato sauce because it looks too much like blood
One thing you love about yourself. i roll well with punches

Three things you love about your child(ren). they are wise in ways i am not; they understand things i cannot, and they are many things i will never be.

What, if anything, do you read religiously? everything
One thing you usually don't share with everyone. i see dead people

An embarrassing moment. too many to list

A crowning achievement. too few to matter

Biggest dream you hope to achieve. to die peacefully and painlessly surrounded by my loving family and friends
Thoughts on God / the Cosmos. read my blog

Favorite song. thunder road

Least favorite song. anything by fleetwood mac
How much TV do you watch? not much

Do you write poetry? once in a while

Are there other "humanities" that interest you? Art? Music? Dance? i paint, sing irish and celtic folk songs, and dance.

What colors are in your house? all of them Do you decorate? incessantlyWhat meal do you prepare best? dinner

What is your best memory BBM (Before Becoming Mama)? i dont remember a time before i was a mother - ive been a mother longer than i wasn't.

what was your best mama-memory? their births

Name three things you are teaching your kids. how to take care of themselves, how to take care of each other, and how to take care of their kids.

Why do you write? to shut up the voices in my head

What do you write about most? myself
If there is a heaven, what do you hope to hear when you die? "well done" and "welcome home"
What is your favorite "bad" word? jesus christ
Favorite sound? Least? didn't i answer this already, too?
Is there someone you'd like to sit down and talk to? The President? Martha Stewart? Alice Walker? i'd love to sit down with all of the above... im pretty sure the secret service wouldn't let me anywhere near our president though.

When do you write the most? Day? Night? i can write any time im happy

Did you DIARY as a child? no

Do you JOURNAL more during difficult times in your life? no i dont write well when things arent copacetic in the annie-sphere.
Did you know your grandmother? yes i knew my grandmother who's crossed....she comes to me frequently, in fact. and my other grandmother is still alive at the ripe old age of 95.

Did you host a holiday this year? thanksgiving for a dozen, and christmas for 13, then 6
Is there someone in your life/past that you have NOT forgiven? yes

Is there someone in your life/past that you'd like to apologize to? yes

Do you worry about violence in public schools? sometimes

Do you have a dedicated family day each week or month? no

Do you have a best friend? yes - all my friends are the best
What about you would surprise/shock your parents? i think if i told them i was bi they'd be blown away. but that's about all i can think of - now that they're past the fact i'm a witch and a registered democrat.

Have you ever lost a loved one? yes

Did you have a big wedding? no and no
Does your husband 'understand' why you write? Respect it? Does it irritate him in someway? my husband ADORES that i write - my exhusband hated it. this is the main reason he is my ex, and one of the reasons Beloved is Beloved.
Have you written anything for kids/childrens' books? no

Do you chronicle or journal for your child(ren)? i blog with them in mind
Pick one: Bohemian Eclectic or Conservative Mini-van? bohemian preppie
Favorite quote? kindness costs nothing

Do you compost? to a degree

Do you eat meat? yes
Do you call your mother-in-law "Mom"? or by her first name? first name

Does your mom "get to you?" on occasion? only when i let her

Do you have insomnia? not usually

What side of the bed do you sleep on? the left

Do you have a reoccurring dream? no
Do you believe that some people are sensitive (or psychic)? yes and i believe i am one of them
Do you do well speaking in public? yes

What could you start doing today that would improve your life? exercise more religiously
Are you writing a novel? i have three jostling for position... and casts of thousands screaming... pick me pick me!!!

How often do you lose your temper? hardly ever - im too busy listening to the voices in my head
How often do you day-dream? i dont think i ever stop

What is your idea of a dream vacation? a month in a castle in ireland big enough so all my friends and family could visit and stay as long as htey pleased.

When was the last time you took a vacation? last march

How often do you wear make-up? seldom

When was the last time you went all day without leaving the house? monday.... i spend lots of days at home and never leave the house.
Why do you write? i think i answered this question above.

What makes you feel guilty? nothing

Do you meditate? frequently

Do you pray? constantly

What is your political affiliation? radical feminist anarchist

What is your favorite academic subject? history

What do you love the most about life? the fact it never really ends, even though we get to change clothes.

and furthermore, the war - like this list - must end. eventually. sooner rather than later. blessed be.


Stacie said...

For someone who doesn't like to "dance naked on a billboard," you did a lot of exposing of yourself. I loved it! I love it hear people's truths!

A good, brave job!

P.A. GIbbons said...

Loved this survey..might have to put it on MY blog.

Oh and fave curse word is "Jesus F#$^@$^@&* Christ". Having been bought up Catholic, this is as bad as you can get. xp