Tuesday, June 3, 2008

blame it on buddy

by six oclock yesterday evening, it was painfully apparent that buddy's attempt to run down a bunny while leashed the evening before has caused me to reinjure my knee. i have one of those funny bodies that seems to wait a good day or so before reacting to injury or strain. even my muscles ache more the second day after strenous exertion than they do the first.

and so i retreated once more to comfrey compresses, salt baths, ice packs, and aspirin. tomorrow i see my chiropractor - who worked such magic on my hip. perhaps there's something she can do about my knee. in anticipation that she can't, i plan to spend the day - after a visit to my grandmother - either on the couch or in the tub.

to make matters worse, this morning, i tripped over a bone. make that plan a promise.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

unbelievable! are you sure someone or something is not out to get you? ;-)

that wasn't my fault though! my knee felt pretty good yesterday, and today as well.

Jolyn said...

Dogs....Don't you just love them!!! Two of mine stay in the yard, but the youngest one is constantly chasing rabbits or squirrels.

Walk in the Woods said...

Annie, Annie, Sweet Annie, what is going on here? Please stop hurting yourself. The heavens know you don't deserve this! Hmm - I better check in with my network in the Underworld--make sure they're on the same page. ;)

Love, light & healing on the way!