Monday, June 2, 2008

comforting comfrey

one of the nicest things about knowing healing-witchy type women is that they can be counted on to leap into action at the first peep for help. not only that, but some of them make housecalls.

yesterday, my dear friend rose was kind enough to swing by the house with a packet of green wonders. the little brown bag included st joan's wort oil (you may know it better by its more common name - st john's wort) - good for rubbing on bruises and sore joints, face cream - more heavenly than i can tell you - it makes the commercial stuff smell like poison after a while, and a few surprises, not the least of which were a couple packets of seeds, an energy spray and some comfrey leaves, all moist and fresh and prickly and green.

so last night, in my epsom salt bath, i rubbed the area around my knee with oil, smooshed up some comfrey, rubbed that in too, and covered it with a wet comfrey leaf and a washcloth. the little pricklies didn't bother my skin between the oil and the heat, and the wetness. then i iced it, then i applied the warm comfrey compress and oil, then i iced it.

i repeated the same routine this morning. i'm ready for my knee to get better. i hope it will be soon, too.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

i'm sorry you're knee is still bothering you!