Tuesday, June 10, 2008

how hot is hot?

i guess i didn't realize just how out of touch and out of step i am. i don't talk much about my sex life, and consequently, i guess i don't pay attention when others talk about theirs.

but an article in the new york times today about two couples who decided to have sex every day - one for a year, and one for 101 days, though how they arrived at THAT figure i couldnt quite understand - certainly got my attention. it seems that these two couples have written books about their experiences. the underlying assumption of the article, as well as the books, apparently, seems to be that no one in a long term relationship has that much sex.

Beloved and i have sex every day. we have neither bets, nor gifts, nor obligation over our heads. we just like sex. and we like each other. a lot. we've been together nearly 13 years. i guess that qualifies as long term.

so, please, tell me... are we REALLY all that different?

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Patrice said...

Yeah, you're really that unusual. Particularly for folks who have been together as long as you have, and who are past a certain age (29, I mean, of course). I would say that your experience is very, very rare. In fact, if you or your hubby queried other people about this issue, they probably would not find your own stats credible.

I know several married couples who haven't had sex in years -- one as long as 16 years. Since she was pregnant with their first (and obviously only) child!

I think most people aren't nearly that interested in the physical, aren't that attracted to each other, and don't have the time or privacy for that much sex.

My honey and I have a lot of sex, but then we are often apart -- we're finally moving in together next week, so we'll see!

annie kelleher said...

aw, patrice, i wish you much happiness together... and lots and lots of all kinds of sex!!!!!!!!