Monday, June 23, 2008

decadently delicious

the first official day of summer vacation begins with a downpour so heavy the world wavers behind a sluice of silver water. buddy curls at my feet, terrified of thunder; sam, who has claimed the larger of the two dog beds i brought home the other week, has tucked herself comfortably in a corner.

libby went to katie's house with meg to play with baby jake last night, and so Beloved and i went out to dinner. i remember i felt, as we left the house, an amazing sense of freedom. children dispersed, dogs attended to, grandmother visited, parents spoken to... i could pick up my bag and walk out the door, free as a kid on the first day of vacation. we lingered over dinner - lingered for us, anyway, and got home later than usual...(nearly 8 o'clock! practically pumpkin-time in our universe!)

and we slept late, too, lulled by the chill in the dawn air, the sound of the torrential rain.

it was a most deliciously decadent beginning to this most decadently delicious of seasons.

it isn't very often that i have felt that way in the last twenty-some years or so. it was a glimpse of a future that still seems so far-off - a glimpse of days and evenings free to wander wherever i would.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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