Sunday, June 8, 2008

cosi girls, a deux, adieu.

the cosi girls are at it again.

for those of you, gentle readers, who don't know the story, a few months ago i was kicked out of my coffee group for daring to suggest to the leader - let's call her Silly-Lilly - that we should refrain from sending each other political-type emails. she didn't like what i said to her, so she kicked me out. if you want to read the gory details, please check out my blog titled HOW I GOT KICKED OUT OF MY COFFEE GROUP - published on march 15 of this year.

a few of the other ladies objected to this high-handed treatment, but one of the women - lets call her (H)AG - really took issue with my blog, and because i won't rescind it, decided that "ethically" she can't have anything to do with me.

(H)AG's even quit the cosi girls book club because the book club ladies all decided they wanted me to stay in the book club, which is a spin off of the original coffee group. (are you confused yet? i am.)

(H)AG was really mad after the last book club meeting in may, when i showed up and somehow managed, according to her at least, to make myself the center of attention. she glared at me the whole time i was recounting my invisibility story. of course i was the center of attention, you silly tw-t, i wanted to tell her. that's what a good StoryTeller does.

however, (H)AG was so traumatized by my horrible, despicable blog - published on march 15 - that she was compelled to start her own spin-off group, a so-called support group for those select few of the cosi girls who met her muster.

unfortunately, when she proceeded to use said support group as a forum in which to roast ME (yes, me... innocent, sweet, ME) one of my more ardent supporters stepped forward to counter her claims of my evilness. Silly-Lilly quit the support group - in Silly-Lilly's world, it's her way or the high way... she even has a daughter she has not spoken to in EIGHT years because the poor kid did something to piss off the Queen Mother. (now i ask you... is this the sort of therapist you'd want to go to? maybe i should track the daughter down and offer to adopt her.)

in any event, the girls let (H)AG rant at the first meeting, but when she ranted again at the second meeting and decided to quit, they decided to let her go. until she changed her mind and wanted back in. (are you still reading?)

the long and short of it is that the original cosi-girls coffee group was dissolved by Royal Decree of Queen Silly-Lilly (all are invited to reapply.) the support group has collapsed under the weight of the acrimony of the (H)AG - she's still ranting about my blog - the one published on MARCH 15.

i didn't know i had that much power, let alone that many readers.

but the cosi-girls book club meets next month, and they're discussing one of my all time favorite books... a prayer for owen meany. and you can bet i'll be there.

and furthermore the war must end. blessed be.

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