Thursday, June 19, 2008

last day of school

the last day of school is wet and green, and nearly chilly as september. libby faces two exams - i have a mounting mess. i suspect that all the rain we've had int he last week is the reason that we haven't seen joe the builder back. the holes that will house the supporting columns that he dug and poured in the steaming heat have yet to dry, since they promptly filled in with water.

i asked Beloved if maybe he thought we should cover them, and he replied that surely, if covers were needed, covers would've been supplied. joe knows what he's doing, said Beloved, soothingly. for which i have no reply, of course, because, after all, i have to trust that joe DOES know what he's doing.

yesterday, somewhat frustrated by the scale's refusal to do anything other than bounce between 145 and 150, i decided there were other ways to lose weight. i weeded through my cupboards and found at least 30 lbs of clothing i never wear and have no intention, if im honest, of ever wearing again. i felt so good about it, and it was such a sleepy day, i got hardly anything else done.

i DID read a book called "No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club!" about a lady turning 60. it was an interesting enough story - especially given that i am turning fifty next year - but in so many places i saw how i would've done the very opposite of what the character thought or did. and since the character was a first person narrator, it was sort of annoying. i found myself in more than one place thinking: " 'I' would do no such thing!" but then, of course, that's not the first time i've thought that :).

the sun appears to have decided to shine after all. this morning my task is to harness the energy of the waning moon - especially as it passes into hard-working capricorn - and address more of the mess with something other than good intentions.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

i love getting rid of stuff!

and happy last day of school to libby. i bet she'll be relieved when it's over!