Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a day without the internet....

...is like a day that didn't happen.

at least, not according to my blog.

a bad storm on sunday afternoon during jamie's graduation party knocked out our modem, and consequently, it was almost exactly 48 hours until our connection was restored. i signed on to find SEVEN comments - THANK YOU to all who took the time to consider the answers (they were most illuminating as was stacie's feedback, cause she's actually been HERE - i should ask questions more often, i see) and over 300 emails. most of them were from freecyclers, but still... 300 emails is a lot to cull through.

so here it is, a brand new month. joe the builder and his crew showed up early. my brother had the good sense to plan to leave today. now half the deck is mostly demolished. the other half is packed up in my living room.

to warm, welcoming, comfortable and spiritually attuned, i am determined to add ordered to the list.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

I can't help it...it's always so cool when you see your name in someone else's blog. Not quite your name in lights, but still cool!

Linda Robertson said...

Hi Ms. Kelleher- Merry meet! First time poster here...I have enjoyed your books very, very much-- thank you for sharing them with us all. May I ask you a question, please? (I have recently sold a novel -my first sale- and am very excited!) I too am a witch (17 years), and seeing that you are in the sidebar here got me wondering... when you read books with magic in them, even knowing you are reading fiction, especially if they are set modern, do you ever find yourself judging it as too fantastic or too real or do you suspend disbelief and dig in? Gee, I have a dozen questions I'd love to ask about your take on how real practitioners react to the fiction! Could you blog about that or direct me to a previous blog on that? Thanks! Keep up the wonderful storytelling, and may the new moon bless!