Sunday, July 6, 2008

sources of inspiration

these are the pillows i happened to see the other evening, as i was contemplating what to do about the color scheme. Beloved doesn't seem to understand that i need a sense of where it's all going before i feel i have a framework within which to make the thousand and one decisions we are going to have to make.

for me, it's not simply a question of choosing what we like - it's a question of choosing what we like relative to everything else that we also like. as i said to Beloved this morning, i'm trying to create a vision that hangs together as a cohesive whole. each part has to work together, and some parts have to play the backdrop so that the important stuff stands out.

you clearly care a lot more about this than i do, said Beloved, before he said the magic words: annie, do what you want.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

i think you seem to care as much as a normal woman. i am not a normal woman in that area - redecorating, color schemes, etc. just stress me out. That's why all my walls are painted shades off white to tan. And my furniture, rugs and curtains are greens and tans. Simple, earthy and my favorite colors.

so i am with don and say, more power to you, annie. do as you will and have fun!

Walk in the Woods said...

Magic words, indeed!

(and umm, btw - THANK YOU!)