Sunday, July 13, 2008

sunday morning, 7 AM

seven am and the world is still asleep - at least here in my world it is. sam and buddy are snoring off their breakfast, meg and libby and Beloved are dancing in dreamland. i fed and walked the puppies, made coffee and put a first coat of paint on the kitchen (hamilton green, for anyone who's curious)and touched up the walls of the master bedroom with yarmouth blue.

it's cool and gray this morning - after i finish this, the garden is calling me. or maybe its the weeds taunting me. there are no sweeter hours in the day than ones like these, i think.


P.A. GIbbons said...

Annie; yes, such peaceful mornings are splendid. I have finally gotten around to listing blogs that I read on my Eat Man Drink Water blog--and yours is the first one I entered. I move slowly, but this summer I am catching up on all that I have wanted/thought about doing.

I am struggling with keeping my art blog and my personal blog I have two sets of blog lists going. Hmm..

Have a wonderful day, I am off to start my day with yoga.


Walk in the Woods said...

What a charming morning . . . walking, feeding, brewing, painting, playing, enjoying! The house looks wonderful and inspires a smile as I consider your larger one. :)

Iva said...

I truely miss those mornings but I can't seem to get outta bed to have them anymore. I wait till the last possible minute before the kids are gonna destroy my house or my husband . One of these days my morning person side will come back to me :)