Friday, July 11, 2008

herbal and other remedies

this morning, in addition to the post i made on when weeds whisper, i received a letter from a friend of mine on the virtues of tumeric. since it's not the first time i've heard similiar, i've learned enough to realize that this may be a gentle nudge in the direction of a Suggestion from the Powers-That-Be, since this week i've been troubled by an elbow that seems slow to mend.

this morning, the bach flower essence i chose for myself was centaury, the remedy that addresses the needs of those who find it hard to take care of themselves. the book that sits on my desk is titled "healing the space within by beautifying the space around you."

the other health issue i've been dealing with this past week is a vaginal yeast infection, and for those of you gentle readers for whom this is simply TMI, my abject apologies and an advisory to stop reading now.

rather than rushing to swallow a magic bullet, ive been sitting with this imbalance in my inner flora, treating myself rather gently with yogurt and vinegar, and in general following the advice of susun weed in these matters. it seems more better than not, but it isn't a slow, steady improvement. it ebbs and flows, peaks and dissipates, allowing me time to sit and ponder this irritation in my mother-space... a manifestation of some imbalance in my most inner-space.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


livewater said...

Adding vinegar to the bath will also alleviate the itch. Best wishes, I am too familiar with that. Though since I've balanced my hormones with vitex agnus-castus ( takes several months)the yeast infections are rare and the ovarian cysts have stopped.

annie kelleher said...

ovarian cysts dont sound like much fun :(. i found a probiotic formula at passiflora yesterday and it seems to be doing the trick along with the yogourt and vinegar....thank goddess!!!!