Sunday, July 27, 2008

sunday morning coming down

the thunderstorm that woke me at four am with an immense display of apocalyptic light and sound effects has passed, leaving poor buddy lying like a limp dishrag at my feet. for a dog whose bark sounds like it should translate into "i want to rip your throat out," he's terrified of any kind of loud noise. Beloved thinks this shows how stupid he is. i think it shows how smart.

i spent yesterday in a kind of weird half-way place in my head. it was my turn to read cards at passiflora but no one came for a reading until after i'd had a cup of chilled cucumber soup, an almond-banana smoothie and two cups of lavendar tea. i brought home carrot-ginger soup for supper, and that, with the strawberries i had for breakfast with my yogourt, meant i had a full rainbow yesterday. i was very happy that except for this bit of fog, i was relatively unaffected by jet lag this trip. it's always comforting to have such real-world confirmation that this Eating the Angel Way diet is actually good for me.

today i'd like to attend a crystal class with my friend ruth in torrington, but while i have both libby AND meg around the house, it would be nice to try and get some work done on what looks like to be a very rainy sunday.

or, maybe not.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Whatever you choose . . . enjoy it muchly!