Sunday, December 14, 2008

catching my breath

the mayhem unleashed by the brilliant gemini moon refuses to abate. my sister, her husband and her two children (6 & 3) arrived just as dinner was being was served. fortunately, my mother and stepfather had pitched in, and everything went as smoothly as it is possible for such an impromptu gathering to go.

the only real drama was created by meg, who had a temper tantrum over a sweater that got shrunk by libby accidentally putting it in the dryer. however, she's trying a new detox diet (under the supervision of her doctor, who has a really HOT son, i might add) and i think it's making her REALLY CRANKY.

for those of you curious to see what sort of menu i can put together for 19 people on 8 hours notice... here's what we ate:

spiral ham with honey glaze
mashed potatoes
homemade cranberry sauce (leftover from thanksgiving)
baby peas in butter sauce
string bean casserole
spinach and cheese stuffed mushrooms
crescent rolls

ice-cream cake
sour-milk cake with buttercream frosting

my mother is planning on leaving today, but it appears that my sister and her family will need to stay until tomorrow, as it is doubtful they'll have power until then. my sister just came up to my writing room and announced that 6 is vomiting.

the fun never stops.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Kim said...

The menu sounds wonderful - the chaos does not. Hope 6 is better soon.

Lynette said...

I would have loved to be at your dinner table last night too. Yummy menu. And yeah can be bothersome but also so nice to have your family all around you too. Sorry for #6, nasty bug going all around. Enjoy your visitors both at home and here your home away from home.

mommaof4wife2r said...

we'll be over for dinner at 5!

Martha said...

That is a delightful menu, especially on such short notice.
You never have to worry about someone screwing up your clothes if you do your own laundry, Meg.
Please sneak a photo of the hot son, ok?
Hope #6 feels better and no one else gets infected.
Here's my Antoinette question,

I wonder who I was to you in previous lives?

Veggie Mom said...

This post made me SO HUNGRY! And did you hear that the full moon two nites ago was the fullest and the brightest since some time in the 70s? Apparently it only gets that way when it is closest to the earth. Lots of magnetic pull then, huh?

Denea said...

yes large family sunday meals are wonderful. enjoy your leftovers and relax all you can.

Anonymous said...

Such a delicious menu. Amazing how you were able to feed the masses on such short notice. Hope 6 is feeling better.

Concha said...

Many blessings

Spirit said...

I feel somewhat realieved that my life is not the only one in chaos right now. Hope yours resolves well and peace reigns for the holidays.

P.A. GIbbons said...

oh I wish someone would cook that for MOI!!!! lol...oh I know all about the 6 and vomitting...just been through that with 4 and then me. really detoxed me ..... I am still not quite right....

HANG IN THERE........xp

Mindy said...

Yummy! That sounds so much better than what we had for dinner... Quiznos. After tonight we will NEVER eat there again!! Sigh. The list of places where we can actually go out and eat is getting shorter and shorter.

It sounds like you really know how to throw a rockin party! With up-chucking and all!! Isn't that how you tell that everyone had a great time?

Oh! I got the first book in the trilogy today after anxiously waiting for it, for a WEEK! And it was well worth the wait. Not only did I finish my in-between-book last night, but this copy came AUTOGRAPHED!!! What are the odds!!?? How cool is that!!??

I swear, this has to be the best Monday I've had in months!!

(Plus I got some bright purple WOOL shoes today... warm and cozy and CUTE! The icing on the cake if you ask me...)

Walk in the Woods said...

Wow ... imagine what you could do for one on just short notice!

See you tomorrow!


Walk in the Woods said...

(just kidding)

Dina said...

bird by bird is what i am reading now. i will be contacting you about that fact maybe sunday if you are free?