Saturday, December 13, 2008

rolling with the punches

i came home from the chiropractor's feeling particularly virtuous yesterday. i had accomplished a great deal, i had a plan of attack for my next round of projects. that was before i listened to the message my sister left.

i only listened to half of it before i picked up the phone. apparently, the snow-ice-rain line was to our north and west, and the ice hit my sister's area badly. she and her family had lost power at some point in the night, losing not only electricity, but water - because their water pump runs on electricity - as well.

awful, perhaps, but not horrible, until she said to me, "you didn't listen to the whole message, did you?"

well, no, i confessed. i was so concerned about her, about the possiblity that we perhaps might not be able to have dinner with her the following day as plannned... of course i had simply picked up the phone and called.

mommy's coming to your house, said sheila.

she is?! i said, after my jaw dropped on the floor.

she can't come here, said sheila.

why can't she come another weekend? i asked.

because she made plans, nanny, answered my sister patiently. you know how she is about her plans.

i do, indeed.

so unless the powers that be at the power company in massachusetts have miraculously made the the lights turn on, it is more than likely that instead of being treated to a special celebration birthday dinner for libby's 15th birthday tomorrow...

i'll be cooking it instead.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


P.A. GIbbons said...

Oh dear. Don't you hate when that happens?! Of course, you could call her and tell her that you already had plans that you cannot break, or else can you take her along?

And, by the way, what kind of puppies do you have?????!!!

Around here some places won't get electric for a few more days. We got lucky-ours was out for less than 24 hours, but since we live in the city we had water, and since I have an ANCIENT gravity fed heating system, we had heat too!


mommaof4wife2r said...

oh my...

Allison said...

Is there a possibility that the power outage,loss of water and heat might hit your area, thus making it impossible for you to even conceive of putting your mother through that horrendous plans must be changed. "Please come next week when we're not in the middle of a major power/utility dilemma". Man proposes, God disposes, as my godmother always says.

(Of course I hope that loss of utilities etc. doesn't really happen to you.)

Good Luck!

Martha said...

An elderly mother's plans are a Force of Nature akin to the ice storms plaguing the Northeast. Please keep us posted. Still trying to think of an Antoinette question and working on my post for that Award, many thanks.

Zen Ventures said...

oh poor you! I'm glad my mom lives so far away, she can't just come on short notice even if she have plans! Just have her tag along...:)

Katie Says So said...

hi annie,

just wanted to let you know my blog got hacked! ughh...i am just sick about it!

anyways, i had to switch URLS so my blog is now @

just wanted to let you know so you arent following a spamming blog!! sorry! i am mad about it! i think if you just stop following the blog and then re-add yourself to it that would be great! thanks so much!!!