Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i'm REAL...i'm TAGGED...and i'm AWARDED!

speaking of surprises, lynette was kind enough to give me the MARIE ANTOINETTE AWARD!!!

and no, it's not for people who are good at chopping off heads.

This award is for bloggers that blog about real life. so thank you, lynette! lynette has the cutest blog and her photos of jams and jellies and cookies make my mouth water. i like her insights and observations, too :).

Now the first part of this award is that i ask my readers to leave me a comment, and ask me ANYTHING. (gulp.) so leave me a question and i promise to answer. (no questions from anonymous, though!!! you want to ask a ballsy question, have the balls to leave your name.)

the second part of this award is that i nominate the following 7 bloggers who must pass it on to 7 bloggers. Or not, depending on your aversion to blog awards. but these are bloggers on whom I can always count on to give me a wonderful peek into their REAL selves.

shades of scorpio
kathy the spirit of full disclosure, here's seven random things about me martha tagged me for ...

1. it usually takes me nine months to write a novel.

2. i'm allergic to cheese.

3. i'd take potatoes over chocolate (i know im weird.)

4. my favorite flowers are the ones that smell good.

5. my favorite colors are all of them.

6. my favorite music is anything celtic. i found out why through a past life regression.

7. i love lavender tea.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Martha said...

Thank you for the Award, wow, now Let's Eat Cake!
Great Random list, lavender tea is wonderful, especially to soak in!
I love flowers with a scent too, my garden is filled with jasmine and lilies for their scent and ability to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
I have to give this question thing some thought, thank you again.

Allison said...

Annie, you certainly are on a winning streak: Your Rosemary Cookies won that contest, you're a roll with your new novel, and now you've won the Marie Antoinette Award ! Your planets must be in some sort of prosperity alignment. This just might be the time to buy a lucky little lottery ticket. You're on a roll!

Question: Other than your own, what's your favorite book?

Lynette said...

I am glad you like the award. You deserve it. Now time for your question.
What advice would you give a young (early 20's-teens) newbie wiccan?
Leaves you a lot of room to think about what you would have like to know at the beginning of your adventures.

Eudea-Mamia said...

So happy to find your little bloggy world. Maybe your words will inspire to get moving on my writing as well!!

Thanks for stopping by my little Open House. Consider another can being placed on the pile!!


Kim said...

I guess I'm weird too - I'd much rather have potatoes than chocolate, especially if it involves gravy.

Walk in the Woods said...

The 2nd & 3rd links aren't working for me

PLO said...

Merry Meet! I love chocolate, but would take a potatoe over chocolate too! Lavender is my fave scent, but peppermint my fave tea.

Kathy said...

OK, thanks for the tag, even if I'm late. I've had an infusion of real life in the form of a two day tax conference... tmi, I know!