Wednesday, September 9, 2009


according to some, 999 is a number of angelic vibration, a number signifying completion, endings, and the final turning of the old into the new. fittingly, i spent today mucking my way through the mounds of books and papers and magazines that have accumulated over the last month. i sorted, put stuff away, paid some bills and wrote some checks. im going to make a few people very happy in the next few days.

the paper piles weren't anywhere near as bad as i was afraid they would be - certainly no where near as bad as they looked. i even managed to get nearly a third of the house vacuumed. it feels good to get rid of old stuff. tomorrow i'll finish the vacuuming and the mopping and the dusting - with all the surfaces clean, it won't take me long.

i've scheduled four reiki sessions over the next five days. i sent dear patient ruth a blurb for the writing workshop im putting together for the homeschoolers. i even managed to catch up on some correspondence to friends. tonight - if any Gentle Readers are in the neighborhood - im speaking at the Little Public Library in columbia, ct.


Walk in the Woods said...

So glad you triumphed over the seas of paper! Have fun tonight!

Lynette said...

and today on 9-9-09 is one of my best friends birthday
she is truly and angel too