Wednesday, September 16, 2009

near nirvana

i love fabrics. from the time i was a child, large swaths of material - aka my mother's curtains and drapes - fascinated me to no end. i loved the swish, the gathers, the quiet gleam of the rough silks or the gossamer sheers, and the heavy crush of wool crepe.

i also love color. asked to choose my favorite, i inevitably say "all of them." not love every color? which one could we do without? i have shades and tints and tones of color i prefer - but i like them all just fine.

couple these together with an indulgent husband who shares an enthusiasm for color and a comfortable home, and we veer quite regularly into an ongoing reality decorating show. at times i think my life could best be described as trading spaces: the sit com.

so with meg tucked away in ireland, i see this as my chance to get into her room and do some serious Redecorating. i had her pick out a comforter she liked to give me some idea of a color scheme. today, my friend and i drove out to a place where we found decorator fabrics for $1.99 a yard...(affordable fabrics in rocky hill ct) i bought at least several hundred dollars worth of fabric of meggie's room for 37.99!!! 18 YARDS!!! 60" wide!!!!)

for the curious, i bought enough to create a valance over her bed and window... curtains for her bed and window... and even possibly a bed skirt to go around the bottom. at marshall's, i found square european style pillows in just the perfect color scheme, as well as a comforter set i think she's going to love. but i know she reads this blog - so other than to say i also have the paint and even some new furniture picked out... she's just going to have to wait and see :).

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Anonymous said...

That's it. I am moving to your neighborhood. I can spend hours in a fabric shop. Now, I can't sew but I still love to buy it. LOL