Wednesday, September 2, 2009

report from the home front

will you miss baby jake, my mother enquired the other day, when i told her that i'd taken him to see his new school on friday afternoon.

im going to have him when he's sick, i said.

oh, my mother said. there was a long pause and then we practically said together:

"i/you're going to see an awful lot of him."

we both laughed. that was then.

this morning katie called and asked if i could help out tomorrow afternoon by sitting with him while he naps and then taking him to the doctor.

it sure didn't take long.

in other news, i continue to take advantage of as much peace and quiet as i can muster, especially considering that we're going away for much of the weekend... to new york on saturday to have lunch and see a show with my mother and stepfather and brother for their birthdays (saturday is Beloved's birthday, so the only birthday we won't be celebrating is mine, but that's okay - they all came to my party ;).) monday we're helping to prep the Labor Day picnic at one of the Hartford soup kitchens and then going to a party at a friend's. it will give Beloved a chance to see one of his very closest friends he hasn't seen in a while.

i also managed to slog through more of the laundry and the dust bunnies today, but i also made time for lunch with a friend and a couple short walks with the puppies. tomorrow, before i watch baby jake, i have another accupuncture appointment, and between that the reiki i can give myself, the relief i've felt is just amazing.

it's also an Ask Annie Wednesday over at Sited & Blogged... someone asked what tarot cards are.. and how they "work" was a big question, but i did my best :).


Lynette said...

sounds like a wonderful weekend. wish i was in your back pocket to tag along! cleaning up sure makes you feel better doesn't it.

Bonnie said...

Been popping in and reading all your posts, sorry I haven't commented. You are going to be a busy girl this weekend. And poor Jake, sick already. I am going to go check out Meg's blog. I'm sure I will love it. Enjoy your weekend, don't party too much, lol.

NJDecorator said...

Just wanted to pop by and say hi! I am now going to go read the Tarot Card answer as I am certain it was a good one...

Walk in the Woods said...

Happy Birthday to Beloved - hope you all have a GREAT weekend. When you return, I'll be in touch.

And no, THAT sure didn't take long. :D