Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tuesday's child

today was one of those satisfying days when everything seems to go right with the world. Beloved brewed my favorite flavor, there was just enough puppy food for breakfast. Libby and I did a Good Deed on the way to school.

i got all the housework done that i'd planned to do - even the mountain of laundry that has somehow managed to accumulate is on it's way to diminishing. i spent nearly two hours outside, visiting the weeds. it's pointless to call them weeds - i might as well just acknowledge they're the neighbors and, just like in a neighborhood, recognize they're not going away, no matter how intrusive. so i can't say i weeded, i can only say i encouraged certain plants not to encroach on certain others.

i came in with a wonderful harvest of mugwort, chamomile, motherwort, betony, queen's anne lace, burdock, marsh mallow, plaintain, and wild impatiens. most of them i'll use for teas and infusions. the plaintain and the wild impatiens i'll grind up for my grandson's skin, as well as for my itchy-eyelid remedy. some i'll use to stuff in dream pillows, others i'll burn. some i'll simply leave as offerings at the several crossroads places on our property.

i also did the fourth reiki treatment and reading that i did this week - since saturday, at any rate. i have another reiki session tomorrow with one of the neurologist's patients and a reading for a friend on thursday. libby and i had our third vegetarian supper this week - tonight i made a pasta primavera (no cheese, of course) with lots of wonderful green things like sweet basil and spinach and tiny baby peas in chopped tomatos, garlic, onion and oregano.

tomorrow i'm going on a field trip for some retail therapy with a friend, and then i'm picking up baby jake for some snuggling. i might be missing him as much as i miss my irish moo.

and furthermore, the War will end. blessed be.

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