Tuesday, September 1, 2009

sweet september

i woke up giddy as a school-boy on the last day of school. even better... it was the first day of school and i didn't have to go! i was so giddy it took me a while to figure out what to do. here's what i did today:

1. cleaned my bathroom
2. changed my sheets
3. started catching up with email and phone calls
4. spent an hour undoing damage to a friend my former associate caused
5. washed, dried and folded three loads of laundry
6. began to sort through junk in junk room so it can be turned into an exercise room instead
7. harvested herbs: mugwort, yarrow, betony, motherwort, sweet annie, lavender, and white sage
8. brewed myself a cup of red raspberry leaf tea from leaves picked fresh from the raspberry bushes (tried to pick raspberries but the birds got there first.)
9. meditated
10. played the piano and sang
11. found a yummy-looking potato and onion fritta to have for supper tonight... im thinking of adding some spinach.
12. am eagerly looking forward to seeing girl-friends tonight
13. gave myself a pedicure
14. followed the Angel Guidelines religiously (heehee - pardon the pun)

so, Gentle Reader... what about you?

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Divaeva said...

worked, weighed in and wondered what will come next before the days end :p
Your day was much more productive!

Juls said...

oh my, Annie! You've been so productive! I wish you would send a little of those productive vibes my way. Ok, I've been more productive than normal nowadays, but I can always use extra...

Kim said...

I feel kinda like a slug compared to that list. Let's see I...
1. went to breakfast with my hubby
2. did two loads of laundry
3. baked two batches of brownies
4. called and ordered my tincture to be picked up on Thursday night (hope you are there)
5. made baked macaroni and cheese for supper
6. read the magazine that arrived in the mail

Martha said...

Worked at a job I love and made a difference, watched the sun glow orange, hugged my boys extra tight, planned on leftovers for dinner, appreciated my friends including you.
Still, lots of laundry and projects, but in a better place.

Lynette said...

still waiting on warm weather to be over so i can shut up this house and CLEAN it

Kathy said...

that's inspirational, even a week or more later...