Thursday, September 3, 2009

bubble, bubble

today was so busy i last sat down to blog at 630 am this morning, got up to pour another cup of coffee and never sat back down - well, not long enough to blog. it seemed there was enough on my plate today without ruminating about it.

i went for an accupuncture treatment and had a foot scan that showed i need orthotics. i wasn't really surprised, i had suspected as much, but it was rather dizzying to see the damage in glaring red and yellow. then it was off to sit with baby jake, who didn't look at all sick to me but gave me such a big smile and a hug that i instantly forgave him for getting sick - im not sure i'll forgive him so readily if he gets ME sick, but he really is so damn cute at this point... tomorrow i will hunt down the camera and post some photographs.

he started to scream the minute he saw the driveway of the parking lot of his pediatrician's building (oh yeah, said katie, he's been doing that for months now.) the doctor and her assistant were lovely people who confirmed what i suspected - he was a little boy with a cold that he was just going to have to get over. on the way home, he fell asleep, tired out from a day of not napping and screaming his head off for an hour. hopefully, the chicken soup i left bubbling on the stove will help.

tonight i went to my pagan study group. i think that's what we're calling it. we could be calling it something else and i just wasn't paying attention. we talked about the experiences that have shaped our beliefs, and the beliefs we now hold that shape our experiences. as usual, we laughed a lot.

in between, i came home to one of the sweetest gifts i think Beloved has ever given me. outside, in two large pots, adorned with two big red bows, waiting for me, were two holly trees - a boy and a girl. i was so focused on getting inside i walked right past them. there's a note, said Beloved, looking ever so hurt. inside it said:
HERE ARE TWO HOLLIES ... FOR OUR HOME. i was in such a rush, i don't think i said more than, "wow... thanks."

he's snoring on the couch now. but the yankees are winning, and i'll make it up to him later.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Martha said...

Go Yankees!! That is a thoughtful gift.

Lynette said...

so thoughtful
make him know you love em
like the OUR home part

Bonnie said...

Sorry can't root for the Yankees, go SOX! However I will root for Beloved and his wonderful gift to you. We have all been in rushes and missed out on things, but you haven't really missed out because they are your trees forever.

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh Annie - Beloved is truly Beloved. What a Gift.