Tuesday, January 12, 2010

all my bags are (mostly) packed

the sheets are changed, the new shower curtain hung. the throws and pillows and quilts are all freshly washed and dried. the checks (at least the ones i've remembered) are written. the last minute packing items are gathered, the floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped. the refrigerator's cleaned out, the laundry's caught up. i have a new toothbrush waiting for me, and my cellphone's charged.

i have to get my carry-on bag together and make sure i have the latest files copied on the little do-hickey drive that goes on my keychain. i have a few more things to tuck in my suitcase, and i need to clean out my purse.

other than that, i think im just about ready.

it's been two years since Beloved and i treated ourselves to any significant time away. Gentle Readers who've followed this blog may remember our only get-aways have been short trips down to new york city or the jersey shore, scarcely long enough to open a suitcase, let alone to unwind and relax.

it's been a tumultuous two years.

among other things, we've coped with my grandmother's death, the sale of the family house, Beloved's mother's failing health and subsequent need to move up here. in my own life i've experienced the loss of a person i believed to be my best friend. my last novel's been rejected a few times, it's been a while since i finished anything. Beloved's been battered by the ups and downs of the financial markets like a pair of sneakers on air-dry.

there's a weariness in my bones, a sag beneath my skin. for the first time in my life, i feel i NEED this vacation.

the light this afternoon has a tinge of gold, the breeze a hint of warmth. this time tomorrow - goddess willing - we'll be sitting with my daddy, in the deepening california dark, watching the lights twinkle at the base of mount diablo.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Judy Vars said...

Happy Holiday!

Walk in the Woods said...

Sweet travels Sweet Annie. May you tuck your weariness in well for a good, long rest. Enjoy your Daddy-visit and the islands of creation! Sweet travels ...

Kathy said...

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the rest.

Remember, you can't take knitting needles on a plane because they are afraid you'll knit an afghan. (Ba-da-bum)