Sunday, January 3, 2010

thoughts on the seven of pentacles

last night, despite my aching head, i drew a tarot card. my intention was to know the present "theme" or task for the present moment. the card i pulled was the seven of pentacles.

what was interesting to me about this card is that it was one that libby pulled out of the deck while i was reading (or trying to read) meg's cards. (it's hard for me to read my children - my emotional investment is so great i might too readily see into the cards what i want them to say.)

this card is really calling to me, mommy, said libby. why is that?

it wants you to pay attention to it, i said, as i peered at it. i thought it was something of an odd card for a 16 year old to get, even though there are certainly areas in libby's life that have taken root and borne fruit. this is a card of reevaluation, i said, slowly, a card of taking stock, enjoying some of the fruit, and deciding where to direct the energies most effectively next.

i recognize a synchroncity when i see one. the fact that mercury is retrograde underscores the message of the card. now is not the time for forward movement, but for contemplation that allows for refocusing, revisioning and reevaluation.

in my new story, ive been feeling pushed to go back to the beginning. in my own life, ive been feeling drawn to re-examine my own practices, to tweak and to add. this has not felt like a time to go forward, instead, a time to rest, refresh and renew, all with an eye toward where the energy will make most sense next. this morning, while Beloved drives to brooklyn, my girls drive back from my sister's, and the wind howls like banshees outside, im going to indulge this energy in this bit of silent time and space.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Walk in the Woods said...

I hear ya. A few months back I threw an annual spread and the card that falls most directly in this Januaryish/MercuryRetro time is the Five of Cups, reversed and (given other considerations of the spread) the words I assigned to it, months ago ... were "review/reconsider/release (& re-project)." Given the season and astronomical influences ... I imagine these energies must be up for many of us. It ain't easy, but it is - I feel - necessary.

May we all be up to the challenge.

Bee and Rose said...

I'm happy I had the time to stop by today:) I have been feeling the need to reflect, re~evaluate and rest as well. Your post just confirms for me exactly what I've been feeling the Universe has been trying to get me to hear too!

Have a wonderful,magical and magnificent New Year!

Maritzia said...

Ack...I forgot mercury is in retrograde. No wonder I'm having so much trouble blogging today. Thanks for the reminder.