Friday, January 22, 2010

sedimentary, my dear watson

this morning, we decided to try a new schedule since what we've been doing for the last week has only served to encourage any sedimentary tendencies Beloved and i might both share.

i wanted a place i could roll from the beach to the bar to the bed (and back) without a lot of effort, and that's exactly what Beloved gave me. add in a laptop, great views of the water and ancient hawaiian ruins, visits from dolphins and whales, unlimited coffee, unlimited booze when the coffee runs out, and neither of us has much of a reason to leave.

im feeling sedimentary, said Beloved a few days ago, and i know exactly what he means.

so today, instead of breakfast, writing or brokering, sunning, and drinking, we're going to try breakfast, writing or brokering, trip to kona, and then sunning and drinking. i think it's the only way we're going anywhere.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.