Saturday, January 23, 2010

kona gold

in kona, you can tell the morning's coming when the stars begin to fade behind the mist that rises off the ocean. for the first couple hours, the sky and the water turn an opalescent pearl. and then, as the mist begins to burn, and the sun rises over the black crest of the mountain in the background, the light turns to gold and the world bursts into color.

this morning, another couple of whales showed up. these two arrived without fanfare, very early, just as i was finishing my breakfast, breaching and blowing far enough out that no one else noticed. for a few minutes it felt like my own private visit.

yesterday turned into the perfect souvenir shopping day, and today looks like its going to be absolutely wonderful for doing more nothing. the only thing we need to do - other than my massage and Beloved's facial at one - is get to the post office before 3 PM in order to ship the stuff we bought yesterday.

two long-tailed mongooses are playing tag among the tide pools and the jetty in front of me as i type this. a bird with a bright red head is pecking in the grass around my feet. the noisy opthamologists from slovakia have been escorted off, and the old people who are wearing red lanyards seemed to have been bused somewhere, too. the only other noise beside the thrumming of the wind through the palm trees is the wash of the waves over the reef.

no wonder i don't want to leave.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Allison said...

Have you gone to pay respects to Madame Pele at her home....the crater up by Volcano House? If you do, check out the lava tubes you can walk in. Also, some where near Hilo is a pool of warm water you can swim/float in. I don't think it's on a formal map of attractions but the locals know where it is.

Walk in the Woods said...

No wonder.