Friday, January 15, 2010

next leg

we spent last night at a hotel near the airport. the view from the bar, overlooking the Bay, and one of the runways, was fun to watch, and the nice man sitting at the other end of the bar was fun to talk to. (one of the biggest differences between Beloved and mister ex is that other people like Beloved.)

we're still feeling the effects of the time zone change - last night i lasted until 830 and fell asleep in the middle of inglorious basterds or however its spelled. it was okay - i thought what little i saw of the zombies was more fun. and world war two just seems soo yesterday - haven't we had enough other wars in the last sixty years to provide enough scope for anyone's imagination? i grew up watching world war two movies, after all....enough already. and this one was just bizarre - everyone knows hitler didn't burn in a paris movie house. i don't like movies that leave me scratching my head wondering what was the point.

so far everything at home is going smoothly (fingers crossed). the puppies slept in til 730 - they know how to endear themselves to the girls. i talked to baby jake, or j-michael as my father suggested we call him - and he said... in his garbled baby speech... i love you nanoo.

i love you, too, j-michael.

and furthermore, the war will end. blessed be.


Patrice said...

So funny that you were married to mr. ex, too! We have that in common.

I too thought Inglourious Basterds quite ridiculous, but it's a big hit with the next generation. It had its moments.

We really enjoyed Avatar -- very basic morality play, but great world creating. See it in 3-D!

Hope you're enjoying the tropical zephyrs...

Walk in the Woods said...

Awww ... sweet Baby Jake (which I think he will always be to me). :) You *are* loved!

As for the time thing ... I went to bed around 8:30 myself. No time change needed. Of course, I was up before 4. Eh, I just do what my body tells me.

Miss ya! Aloha!