Sunday, January 24, 2010

another slice of paradise

we left kona this morning as a veritable horde descended on the place we've been staying. but it was so peaceful our first few days, remarked Beloved, as we trundled our suitcases around and down to the parking area.

that's how we know its time to leave, i said.

we made our way to maui with no problems and the pilot was kind enough to fly directly over the dead volcano, haleakala (sp?). he looked pleased when i thanked him. saved you a trip, he said.

sure did, i answered. i consider that a gift from mama pele, who seems to understand and approve my peculiar approach to vacationing.

to those Gentle Readers who may be wondering, no, i didn't see the volcano. no, i didn't snorkel, i swam all of six strokes diagonally across the pool the first day there. (don't faint, i told Beloved.) we didn't see the Place of Refuge or King Kamamehamahe's ancient residence. we made it into kona three times in ten days and our busiest day consisted of going to the post office and having a massage.

i need to sink into a place, feel the place, Be in the place before i have any desire or wish to starting Seeing the place. for me, my first trip to kona was perfect.

mama pele, i prayed last night, if im meant to come back here, could you please send a whale tomorrow morning?

sure enough, a mama and her baby showed up to say goodbye.

and furthermore the war will end. blessed be.


Tess @ Six Feet Under Blog said...

How cool! I've never been before. Some day I'll get to go before I die-lol.

Judy Vars said...

mama pele was obviously glad you came and wants to see you again. It sounds like your rested.