Sunday, November 11, 2007

across five generations

the photo session went swimmingly today, far better than i could've predicted. at least my grandmother managed to look alive. it helped, i think, that baby jake was at his most charmingly placid. for a four-week-old baby who needed to be fed, changed and napped, he was as imperturbable as a buddha.

he lay in his great-great grandmother's arms for a full fifteen minutes, alternately drowsing and cooing and chewing his impressively sizeable fists (for an infant.) he slurped his afternoon feeding with vigor, enthusiasm and commendable preservation of his mother's modesty, then produced gas from both ends right on cue. he allowed himself to be passed around the room in an endless round of stretches, fleeting smiles and momentary fusses.

baby jake won't remember today and with every passing day, the odds such an opportunity will repeat itself grow less. but he will have a picture, and the rest of us will always have the memory, of the day he was held in the arms of his mother, his grandmother, his great-grandmother and his great-great grandmother all at once.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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