Tuesday, November 6, 2007

feminist thoughts on election day

its raining again today... hard. i have errands to run, a gramma to visit, a friend to meet. i'm not thrilled about the prospect. town hall is in the opposite direction.. i have no other reason to go that way. it would be easy to tell myself that this is an off year, politically speaking - we're not electing a senator or a congressman or a president. it would be easier to turn right at the top of the driveway, instead of left, toward townhall.

but i won't.

i won't because less than a 100 years ago, a brave group of women fought and suffered to give me and my daughters the right to vote. what some of them suffered was unspeakable - if you doubt me - google women's sufferage movement and read what you find. they faced five thousand years of patriarchy, they faced ridicule, ruin, and abuse, but in the end, they won us a voice.

it seems to me that every time a woman chooses not to vote on election day, she does a dishonor to their achievement. and those women among us who believe that THIS is the best system of anything in the world would do well to remember that less than a hundred years ago what a woman believed about anything didn't matter at all.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.
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absolutelyacorn said...

I was thinking something very similar on this day. I voted too.

Patrice said...

Yesssss. Good for you!

I voted too.

Check out this YouTube video and imagine what would happen if the twenty MILLION unmarried women who don't vote in this country voted:


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