Thursday, November 1, 2007

sweet november

as befitting the holiday that celebrates the Long Sleep, i came home from the purple rose this afternoon and curled up for a long nap. the sky was a soft gray blanket, the air was deceptively warm and wet. when i opened my eyes and looked across the pond, i saw Winter, clad in naked trees and quivering branches stripped nearly bare of leaves, staring back at me.

mommy, said libby, are you ever going to wake up?

so i did. i have a workshop to attend tonight, clothes to fold, dishes to wash, paper to sort...dinner of some sort to put together. i heard from my brother today that he and his family are coming to stay with us the weekend before thanksgiving... (i told you november is the month for lists!)... hard on the heels of the holy-day, i can feel the the winged chariots of The Holidays - driven by Time's - hurrying near.

and so, as the sun sets on this holiest of holidays, and i prepare to step back into ordinary time, i watch the darkness deepen this sweet november night.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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