Monday, November 12, 2007

charting a course

i think my friend rose who calls herself a recovering rigid would be impressed. the spreadsheet (my first!!!) that now hangs on the refrigerator door (askew amidst the vertical clutter of business cards, testamonies of academic achievement and protestations of undying love) is a thing of such logistical beauty i am tempted to recreate it here. (if anyone wants it, just email me and i will share.)

it reduces to approximately 30 minutes per day all the necessary chores and weekly maintenance tasks necessary to keep a house running reasonably smoothly. it doesn't include paperwork, errands or meal-planning, three categories it occurs to me i might want to include for my own benefit, if nothing else. but at least, the part of my brain that manages the chores is now made visible.

its got enough repetition of tasks that one could skip things for a day or two or even three without anything totally collapsing into chaos. no one task takes more than ten or fifteen minutes at the most to complete. it assumes each individual takes responsiblity for managing their own bathrooms and bedrooms.

libby loved it. meg rolled her eyes. but she cleaned up the kitchen last night after dinner without being told and EVEN WASHED THE POTS. then she cleaned her room last night and left the vaccumm downstairs, because tomorrow (today) we clean zone one.

after i picked myself up off the floor, it occured to me that every thing in nature responds well to fluid structure.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.
nanowrimo word count: 20,025/50,000

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Kathy said...

"every thing in nature responds well to fluid structure."

That is going to have to be my mantra. It describes my philosophy perfectly, and yet I'd never think to put it that way.