Tuesday, November 27, 2007

on the wane

the waning moon brings with it, at least for me, a flood-tide of release. i noticed on a mothers' forum i belong to that the posts are watery, more emotional, but not as frantic as last week's. yes, im sure thanksgiving contributed to much of the madness, but i'm certain the full moon the next day had a lot to do with it. i spent that day, as i more and more do, hunkered down beneath the weight.

i stepped outside this morning into a world as wet and warm and bright as spring. it was one of those trickster days - the yin within autumn's yang, when the weather itself goes retrograde and shows you a glimpse of the opposite season. the light is gold on the lush green lawn. three ravens screamed at me at the top of the hill, three deer have come to drink at the lower pond. three ducks paddle serenely across the surface of the upper.

this is the moon under which i was born. this is the moon i prefer the best. i write better under a waning moon - i get more done. it's in the release, on the exhale, as it were, i get the most accomplished. over the years, i noticed a similiar pattern with my menstrual cycle. as its influence has waned over my body, the moon's has increased. as once i was aware of the hormonal tides, i am becoming more aware of the moon's.

the ace of wands winks at me from the corner of my screen. it's time to ride this mother moon-energy all the way down to the dark.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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