Tuesday, November 13, 2007

let the nail-biting begin

yesterday, i was finishing up a reading when i happened to notice that my email box was still up on the computer screen. i glanced at it, and saw that i had Something from my agent. i don't know if the customer noticed that my hands were shaking as i completed the reading.

jenn's comments were mostly positive but for a few minor tweaks. the major problem she id'd and the one i agree with is the problem of point of view. written in the first person, from three different characters points of view, the voices simply aren't distinct enough. which leaves me with only one thing to do.

go back. and write it better.

i AM going to speak to her first, of course, see if she will agree to market the piece if i send her a synopsis which will be so much easier to write because the book is done. i also want to tell her about my nanowrimo book - which i will continue to work on daily, but won't pressure myself to finish.

in the words shakespeare gave to henry v at agincourt, once more, dear friends, into the breach. :)

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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