Friday, November 23, 2007

going to ground

as unseasonably warm as yesterday was, today is raw november. the sky is studded with sullen gray clouds, the trees are whipped by a wind that comes roaring out of the west in freight-train gusts. today is traditionally the day the holiday mayhem shifts into high gear.

today is a day the world shops, decorates and spins in double-time rotations, at least at the malls.

today is a day i do nothing.

im not sure what kind of nothing i will do - so far i've had chocolate cake and potato chips for breakfast, which is a fine way to start off a doing-nothing day. i may lie on the couch and find a movie to watch - something Beloved would fall asleep on and the children would groan to see. i may indulge in long soak in a lavendar scented salt tub.

i might go visit my grandmother. i might go have tea with a friend. i might think about my wedding anniversary which is in ten days, or hanukhah, which is in eleven. i might think about solistice and xmas which are both about a month off. i might think about libby's 14th birthday and my sister's 37th, which are before and after xmas.

i might even make a list or two, plan decorations and gifts, foray into the attic to check what i think i remember seeing up there.

or, i might not.

and furthermore the war must end. blessed be.

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Juliana RW said...

and is your day yesterday :) because i just ready your blog today on 24/11/07 ^_^;;