Monday, November 26, 2007

monday, monday

i woke up early to the sound of pouring rain. this is the time of year that when that happens, my first thought is always thank-god-its-not-snow. i lay in bed a while, cuddled up with Beloved, listening to the water drip off the eaves and rustle the rhodendrons under the window. when i got up, Beloved said, somewhat disapprovingly - it's 430.

oh, the joys of going to bed at 8:00.

so early in the morning, the day spreads out before me like a banquet, the hours like covered dishes, each one full of pure potentiality. of all the hours in the day, surely this one holds the most possiblities. then i remember all the chunks of time already committed, and the banquet table groans as they fall, gray granite bricks: VISIT ROEY...BABYSIT BABY JAKE...ORDER PEAPOD...GET WASH N FOLD TOGETHER...BETTER MAKE THAT GIFT LIST.

in this sweet silent darkness, broken only by the tap of my keyboad and the steady drum of rain, i light a candle, i draw a tarot card. the ace of wands smiles up at me. i know someone else who's dancing with this card. my desk lamp makes a circle of light on the ground beneath the birch trees, through which something darts across, sleek and wet. i glimpse the flash of a flailing fish tail. the candle snaps and steadies, the rain continues to fall. i close my eyes, and breathe.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


ravensedge said...

I love seeing you on line in the wee hours of the morning like myself. Getting up early just seems to give the day so much more potential.

Juliana RW said...

Hi Annie,

I added you to my blog roll :)

"I don't like Monday", that what my husband always said haha..