Thursday, October 25, 2007

back & forth & side & side

today is a day i'm going to spend mostly out of the house... tomorrow, i anticipate a long day spent mostly IN the house. yesterday i went to see my grandmother. today i go to see my grandson. yesterday i marshalled my cleaning team (meg and libby) delegated laundry and floors, and accomplished (nearly) everything on my chore list. today i marshall my team to accomplish as much as humanly possibly on katie's chore list.

this is the dance i do across the generations, weaving this web of mostly women. i see it like a blanket of marvelous colors stretching across time and through space, each individual a gleaming, glowing strand, unique in shade and texture, integral to the whole. i feel it flowing through my hands like a rainbow river of crystal light, hear it singing in my blood.

and furthermore, the war must end.

blessed be.


jene26 said...

your writing is amazing..check out my blog

by the way... i saw your post on my post on cafemom...

jene26 said...

your writing is amazing...check out my blog
We are cafemom members, by the way...hope to hear from you and get a comment on my blog.