Wednesday, October 10, 2007

new moon

... presages a waning moon for samhain... a crone's moon...all the better. i have grand plans for the holy day. but i have miles to go before i can sink into of my most favorite. i have a threshold or two to cross all my own.

we're all impatient for baby jake... no one more so than katie, of course... who has reached what i like to call the beached-whale phase. this is the part of the pregnancy the baby doesn't actually need but the mommy does, so she is willing to do ANYTHING to get it out of her. i think it's also the Mother's way of preparing you for the Great Work of motherhood...just when you think you can't stand to go forward one more step while enduring whatever dark night of the soul your child requires you to withstand, you do. just like when you think you can't stand to be pregnant one more hour, or endure one more contraction.. you do. as my mother would put it, isn't god good?

i think it fortuitious that baby jake will in all likelihood be born under a waxing moon... and that i will cross this first threshold of my Croning as the Moon gains in strength, size and power....and then will have the opportunity to contemplate and celebrate such a momentous step under, as i said, a Crone's Moon. to glimpse even a tiny piece of the Grand Pattern of it all sends shivers all the way down to the center of my soul....

and, oh, baby jake... the places we'll go... i see the worlds unfolding ...all's that's needed is for you to come and make them real.... so don't be afraid, my darling... tuck your head tight now, down to your chin... then it's second star to the right... and straight on til morning...

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