Tuesday, October 2, 2007

ten thousand words

... or almost. i have one more scene to finish, and then it will be time to Assess, time to print out hte complete manuscript, not in chapters, but in scenes. time to lay out the story as i know it so far... who wants what, and what they don't want and what could happen if they don't get it. that's the hardest question of all, the question i think of as the big so what? if the protagonist doesn't get her wish, what happens, and why should we care?

that can be fairly easy to answer in science fiction or fantasy. if the hero doesn't succeed in his quest to do whatever it is he wishes to do, sauron will rule middle earth, darth vader will rule the galaxy and superman will have to eat kryptonite and die.

unfortunately, the child in me likes stories only slightly more complicated than that. the child in me loves monsters and evil wizards and strange machinery and wily computers as much as the next person (did i mention anywhere that one of the ladies who came last night to the Cosi Girls works for a software company that makes software for all the police computers? such interesting possiblities that creates, don't you think?) BUT...i also like love and sex. tolkien was woefully lacking, star wars only marginally less so, and poor superman and lois lane were black-and-white virgins.

so here i am, stuck in the rainforest in the middle of peru with two really cranky heroines - one an accountant who wants to be a writer and one an amazon, both hellbent on revenge - and not a hero in sight except a cheating husband and a thug.

and back to do so Re-Visioning i go....


Kathy said...

Hey! I'm accountant who wants to be a writer. Yeah... that does make you cranky.

annie kelleher said...

hahahha!!! thanks!!!!