Saturday, October 20, 2007

living retrograde

yesterday, the facilitator of the womens' council i attend every month announced she was taking a sabbatical. the other women got sad. i got excited. as my mother says, i hear a different drum.

it's not my conscious wish to live and think and feel outside the mainstream. if i had a nickel for every time someone ever said to me... wow, i never thought of it like that...i'd sure have an awful lot of nickels.

i noticed a long time ago that periods of mercury retrograde can be fantastically productive times for me. while the rest of the world twitters and spins, i forge forward... sure and steady in my purpose. then i learned that not only was i born under mercury retrograde, but of the fifteen heavenly bodies used to cast a horoscope, eight others in my chart are retrograde as well. unfortunately for me, mercury doesn't go retrograde more than four or five times a year. this means that while everyone else is forging forward, *I* am twittering and spinning. however, i also do real well with new moons...under which most people slow down.

it's taken me a long time to feel comfortable in this skin. it's taken me a long time to recognize that in order for me to do the work i do, i need to stand on the edge of things. a writer is first an observer. the best place to view the Big Picture is out here where the footing can be shaky.

today i go to do only slightly different work... it's my turn to read cards at Enchanted Saturday. i'm not sure if i'll get to do any readings... Laura and I have some Big News to share.

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