Friday, October 26, 2007

while my Beloved sleeps

the skies aren't clear any more... the day that started off so bright and crisp and clear has turned cold and wet and gray. it was an upside down sort of day...all my plans to do one kind of thing turned into necessities to do another kind of thing altogether.

and yet... it was a day i did a lot of writing... a lot of snuggling... a lot of readings. i did get the final coat on all but two of the dresser drawers - oh, yeah, i'm still slogging out the weather. damp and humid don't mix well with furniture finishes. i also sorted a mountain of paperwork into a molehill of tasks.

i walked the puppies as the sky was getting dark. there was a raw, dampness in the air that i always think is best described by the scots word "braw." the pine needles drifted around our feet. i was glad i thought to wear a coat.

it's finally october. and furthermore, the war must end.

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