Monday, October 22, 2007

life among the addams'

gomez... i mean Beloved... has decided to build a jetty. the reason he decided to build a jetty that extends into the lower pond is because it dried up this year. in to one side, near the center, are a couple of very large rocks, so large a little pine and a couple of straggly birches are struggling for purchase on them.

when i asked gomez... i mean Beloved... exactly he why he felt we needed a jetty, let alone why he felt the need to build one, he said it was because he'd seen mister duck sitting out there on the rocks every spring and if mister duck could sit on the rock, so could he.

so all this effort so you can conquer a duck's territory? (i'm starting to understand the mentality that thinks the iraq war is a good idea.)

well, yes...err... no, said Beloved. it's my rock... i want to stand on it.

to that end Beloved left his office early and ordered 21 cubic feet of rocks. they're all going to be delivered tomorrow. the thought of Beloved, in jeans, yankee hat and flannel shirt, watching the dump truck back up to edge of the pond, just sends me into fits of giggles, not to mention giving me the urge to snap my fingers while whistling and tapping my feet in time to the addams' family theme song. i suppose i should expect uncle fester, mamma, cousin it and the rest of the extended tribe to be showing up shortly!

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There's a little Gomez in the best of them . . .