Saturday, October 27, 2007

the rain is raining all around... falls on field and tree... it falls on the umberellas here... and on the ships at sea.

so wrote robert louis stevenson. his poetry infused my childhood, no doubt still subliminially colors the way i shape and form my own writing.

i lay awake in the deep gray dawn, listening to the delicious sound of the rain running off the roof, dripping through the trees, scented with pine and the sweet mustiness of wet leaves. already when i woke, the ponds were filling up. gomez - i mean Beloved - may have to forgo his jetty til next spring.

today on aol i read about all the parts of our country where water is becoming scarce. since baby jake was born two weeks ago, i feel i have a deeper stake in the far future than i ever used to have. this child's children could live to see a time and place that i will never see... the 22nd century. i want them to have water there.

the native americans had it right, i have come to realize. we can not own the land, the water, the air. you might as well try and leash the sun. (the sad thing is, i can see someone doing that in the not too distant future - leasing proprietary rights to a certain slice of sunshine during such and so hours of the day. maybe i better erase that last thought. no sense in giving the lawyers any more ideas. :x.)

i'd rather have a sunny day. i have some running around to do today... id rather do my errands when the roads are dry. but instead, i will be grateful for the water. i will give thanks for the rain. and i will ask the Mother in Her Infinite Love to please please please send more where it's needed most.

and furthermore, the war must end.

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