Thursday, October 18, 2007

dancing on the head of a pin

yesterday i was called upon to explain how an abundance spell cast on a thursday might have led to one's husband being laid off the following monday. the customer in question had purchased the spell from the shop and i could hear the indignation in her voice. i think she was expecting me to offer to refund her money.

but a spell is a prayer attached to an intention. make that intention strong enough, focus that prayer carefully enough, and your wish goes zinging like an arrow into the heart of the Universe. when you unleash that kind of energy, you have to be prepared for a kind of ripple effect through your life. it can knock you off your feet if you're not prepared.

however, even i was at a loss for the proper words. i've been laid off - three times in five years. i know the hollow, hard feeling of fear that explodes in your belly, in your chest, in the way your palms sweat every time you think of all the bills. i could feel it in her voice. i didn't know what to say.

kuan-yin, i whispered... could You take this one?

and She did. in an image complex as a stained glass rose, i Saw a pattern unfolding, geometrically graceful as the petals of a rose. the image shifted, became three dimensional and i saw a series of Gates laid out sequentially through the petals of the rose. and i Understood.

i don't know if what i said made any sense to the lady. to tell you the truth, i don't remember much of what i said. i called laura right afterwards and said it again to her, because she will be Required to deliver it again. i believe it made sense to her. the gist of it, i think, is that in order to be on the path of True Abundance, this job needed to be lost. there's something else, something better, for this person and his wife, too, to do, and losing the job wasn't really a sign that the spell WASNT working... it was in fact evidence that it WAS.

but only a Fool could believe that kind of thinking, right?

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rose said...

May I offer a perspective?

I seems to me, through your conveyance, that this woman was executing a spell–not for
herself–but for her spouse. It is my experience, or rather–observation that when we attempt to do
magick for a third party, that is matters little how well-formed, well-defined and precise our own
intentions are. Why? Because that energy passes to the heart of the universe *through* a third
party and so is subject to the intention there. Make sense? Not only that, but no matter how much
we know someone and love them, what we perceive as best for them may be way off the mark
that they are aiming for.

It reminds me of when folks ask me, during a reading, about a third party. I tell them–and boldly
so–that I don’t do third-party readings, for–to me–it is asking the energy to enter, to go, to move
through a realm where it has not been expressly invited. Rather, I help them rephrase the question
so the focus is back on them.

My point? To me, if someone wants magick in their life, they need to make themselves.