Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ordinary time

in the religious tradition in which i was raised, the sundays between the end of lent and the beginning of advent are for the most part delineated as those of "ordinary time."

i remember when i was child, leafing listlessly through the misselette while the priest droned on, how taken i was by the idea that there could be two kinds of time. if there was ordinary time, then by definition, there had to be extrordinary time... and it didn't have anything to do with a calendar. i was sure about that.

today is tuesday. it's far too humid and warm for october, but at least there's the hope of rain. i heard the peepers last night... they sounded cautious, disbelieving. i have a list of errands - go see gramma... appointment with nora for help writing my ritual...pick up my calendar at the purple rose where i left it since saturday. i need more hemp milk and more rainbow foods - apples, especially. the laundry's behind... the cupboard's a bit bare. i have paperwork to sort, checks to write, a couple bills i've forgotten to pay. meg wants help hanging pictures in her room, i'd like to get over to joanne fabrics and target in torrington. at some point i'll blink and children and puppies will want dinner.

it is an ordinary day in ordinary time.

blessed be.

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rose said...

Yes ~ blessed be. And revel in every moment of it, in what ever way is fitting.