Wednesday, October 31, 2007

holy-day, holi-day

and so we come to the end. another year, another harvest, another season of germinating, flowering, fruiting and fading is come round to the opposite side of the Wheel. today i count the gains, measure the costs, and honor the absence of all that i've lost. today, i look back. today, as the veil thins even more, i mourn the absence my beloved dead and invite them to pay me a visit. today, i pray for both release and discernment. today i stand mid-way between the worlds.

this morning i will prepare my offering plates, tidy my house so the ancestors aren't horrified, and visit the Crone in the guise of my grandmother. my friend laura said to me, after meeting my grandmother... i know you won't be offended, but your grandmother looks just like a witch!

and she does.

this morning as i was making my coffee - Beloved is sick, poor Beloved - mama pele came into my mind. she is the one i called on to help jumpstart katie's labor when it stalled out a bit - (when the contractions finally started heating up, katie started moaning, im so hot... why am i hot... i don't understand why im so hot....i just smiled and thanked mama pele.)

pele tests people who would seek her favor by appearing as an ancient crone. so in the name of mama pele and the Great Hag, i begin my halloween with an offering of bananas, spice cake and socks.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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