Thursday, April 17, 2008

and now a word from the Cranky Crone

i belong to an online forum for women called cafemom. most of the women are much younger than i am now, and it's odd to find myself among the Elders. it's a nice place for the most part - i've met a lot of wonderful women at all stages of their journeys. many of whom are married to a lot of really idiotic men.

don't get me wrong - there's many who are happily attached in mutually nurturing relationships. there's many men who are kind, caring, compassionate and mature. but there're a lot who aren't.

and they don't deserve the women who spend so much bemoaning what's wrong with themselves. so to all the women out there married to a man who seems impossible to get along with (immature, irresponsible, selfish, intolerant, etc) - YES, SISTER - HE IS.

and no, he doesn't deserve you. so leave his sorry ass by the roadside and go make a better life somewhere else for you and your kid. if he is really worth going back to, he will continue to help you in any way he can with the children. but if he's so messed up, he'd rather play a video game than change and feed a crying baby, don't bet on it.

posting that actually got me kicked out of one forum - i really don't play well with others - for not being positive. i don't understand. being a single mother is much better than just feeling like one.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

i can't believe you actually got kicked out for saying that! what about freedom of speech? and it's true! i've seen stuff on cafemom that is a lot crankier, as well as ignorant and untrue, and people don't do anything about it.

i'd say you're not so much cranky as honest. and as a relatively young cafemom-er, i appreciate the wisdom of the crones!

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
Love your blog. Did the Tarots and loved them too. I'm irishtwins from Cafemom and you hit the nail on the head. I'm 39 and see alot of the same issues you wrote about. Such great women. Don't know what group kicked you out but Good Riddance! Keep up the good work! See you here and there!

Colleen Love said...

I had thought of joining Cafemom.

I agree with you Stacie, I love the wisdom of the Crones too!

I have never understood why women allow themselves to be treated badly. This life is just too short to let your 'loved'-one treat you that way. Well said all the way around.

Happy Friday Eve!

Judy Vars said...

Say it Sister!

parrotheadmom said...

cafemom can be a sad place! so many young moms with little clue on life...I am also one of the elders there...but there are great groups to belong to in order to avoid to what I refer to as the bowels of cafemom.

IRShields said...

I don't go to Cafemom as much as I use to, I had to cut out some distractions and i got too sucked into others drama..not healthy. But I completely agree with you about the shocking amount of husbands that are so basically useless. Makes me appreciate mine all the more. and I think what you said was perfect, too bad the others couldnt see it for the true wisdom it is.

ravensedge said...

kicked out; probably because the truth hurts and you hit the nail on the head I love that you speak your truth.

annie kelleher said...

does that mean you will talk to me when no one else will? :)