Monday, April 14, 2008

fast forward

at least... that's how it feels. i took yesterday off... spent much of the day writing, reading, napping or talking to my friend cheryl - one of the cosi girls, in fact. i found a novel to read that actually held my attention all the way through - the thirteenth tale by diane sutterfield. not quite as twisted as i would've liked - there were things hinted at that never got quite as much illumination as i'd've preferred - i wanted it made clearer, for example, that the weird twins were the result of brother/sister incest, but the nameless product of rape kid was a nice spooky touch, and all in all, an excellent read.

oh yes, the cosi girls saga continues... stay tuned for an update.. coming to this blog soon.

on other fronts, the political thriller my friend debby and i are writing together is practically writing itself. our strengths are so perfectly complimentary its almost eerie - im a big picture plotter person - she is a detail oriented character creator who has a gift for subtle pathos. she also knows this world we're writing about like the back of her hand so it all sounds... REAL. i DONT know the world at all, so for me, it feels like im stumbling around with a blindfold, feeling my way through the story. what amazes me is how much i get RIGHT.

blood moon is back - marsia has seized control of the story, and is now the focus of chapter one, while the prologue now centers on tavia and not dear dead caius. it's hard to start a book with a character who's dead by the end of his scene.

today is a day for chores and running around and following up and being interviewed with laura for an article in simsbury life. theres food to buy and phone calls to make and libby has a dentist appointment at three oclock. im hopeful that tomorrow i may actually have time and inclination for the garden (not to mention new gloves) while baby jake naps.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Penny said...

HI Found your blog through the cafemoms haunted realm. Nice to see someone who writes. I wish I could but no such luck. If I could then I wouldn't have to worry about being unemployed. Ill be back to read more. Have a wonderful day.