Saturday, April 19, 2008

ode to the scorpio moon

moon-lady gleams like a bone in the night,
rending the darkness with shadows so bright,
lighting up poets and madmen like me,
outshining the stars that hang on the trees.

if april really is the cruellest month, its full moon in scorpio may explain why. scorpio, ruled by pluto, is the sign of secrets and assassins, of madmen and illusion and delusion. its energy is intense as the oceans' depths that never see the light, as inevitable as the death brought by a scorpion's sting. under a scorpio moon, we have the opportunity to strip all our delusions away, to see ourselves not as we might prefer, but as we truly are.

as it happens, i spent part of the day with one of my favorite scorpios. (my ascendant is scorpio - whenever i'm with a scorpio, i like to keep in mind that what i appear to be, they really are. it helps me stay on my toes, because one never wants to be lulled too deeply into complacency with a scorpio around.) we spoke of dreams and visions, translations and manifestations, charges and journeys. what is your dream, she challenged me - what is your vision, your mission, your charge? where will the journey take you next?

two years ago at christmas, i received a compass from a dear friend who's gone sort of MIA lately. a year ago, i received my friend Lorraine's car. taken symbolically, as a set of three, these form a powerful message.

for the next two weeks, as the moon sinks down into the new moon in taurus - the sign of ultimate manifestation if ever there was one, i intend to shape my intention, gently, gradually, following this most ruthlessly honest of all moons down to the dark...and see what Dreams, indeed, may come.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.

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Stacie said...

i do hope that when you've shaped your intention, you'll share. but i won't count on it, as i know how mysterious you are!