Friday, April 4, 2008

ice cream and initiations

i came home from pagan study group last night to hear that the ice-cream boy who works at friendly's called libby. the ice-cream boy is a kid libby has had a crush on ever since she noticed him a few months ago. he was there last sunday when meg and libby and i were there. meg, fed up with her sister's giddy giggles over a kid she didn't know, left a note that said:

FOR THE ICE CREAM BOY - my name is libby and i think you're cute. call me if you want to talk to me. xxx-xxxx.

she's been screaming for an hour, Beloved said from the depths of the couch. well, who wouldn't be, i replied. the friendly ice-cream boy called her. and apparently the conversation went well.

our topic at study group was initiations - not a topic that sits easily on my skin. initiations smack of rituals and committments and rules - all things i'd rather do without. i'd rather slide around on the borders of things, and keep my committments close and few. but this was a rite of passage if ever i saw one - the first time libby saw a gutsy move pay off. it remains to be seen whether this particular baptism ends in fire or in balm.

the steady fall of april rain encourages me to stay in this morning, and complete the last of the tasks that will finish off my writing room. the new moon in aries tomorrow encourages me to start the year fresh with not so much a clean slate, but with a clean outlook, with perhaps more focus on the physical than i have paid it in a long time. it's interesting that both the readings i've done in the last few days have been about health and diet.

last night, my friend kim the kitchen witch brought homemade chocolate chip mint ice cream (special for my birthday - it's the only flavor of ice cream i really like or eat.) i have the rest in my freezer, and i think i'll end the final day of winter's moons with ice cream for breakfast.

and furthermore, the war must end. blessed be.


Stacie said...

i have done the same thing meg did, several times, and my sister was furious at first, but happy in the end. although not happy forever, since none of them ever lasted. i guess i'm not a match-maker, just a match-lighter...

there is no other dynamic like that of sisters. it's a love/hate thing, but i wouldn't have it any other way.

ravensedge said...

good for Libby, it is so much fun to watch the dance at this age
it must be the magical ice-cream
I'm glad you enjoyed your present and having it for breakfast is something I would do much to horror of my dear hubby